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Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes.

“Leave me alone!” Cried a small little boy as he ran through the snowy woods, his lengthy black hair flying through the nippy winter wind and his amber eyes were wide with terror.
He continued to run and found a decent sized tree to hide behind. As he rested himself against the study trunk he tried to breath as little as possible. The tiny grey wolf ears on his head twitched slightly as he heard the crunch, crunch, crunch of the men’s feet in the snow.

“You better have not lost that Faunus boy!” He heard one of them shout. “You better find him before that pack does, otherwise we’re done for!”
The Pack. The little boy was just no more than 100 yards from their site. All he had to do was get over the hill and he would be in the clear. He waited for a moment and when all seemed to be completely silent for a split second. He took the opportunity to run.

“There he is!” Shouted another of the men that seemed to be after the little Faunus boy. There were 10 of them in total 9 of them appeared to be of average height and wearing black parkas along with black snow pants and black sunglasses to conceal their eyes and 9 of them rushed after the little boy while the last one who seemed to be the biggest man of the 10 but still dressed in the same attire rode a snow-mobile as he watched the chase from safe distance. A small smile of amusement crossed his face. The boy could run but he couldn’t hide.

Oblivious to this, the boy continued the run, hearing the men catch up to him. He could see the hill coming up just ahead. Just a little-


The little boy let out a scream as he was taken off his feet and swept into a net and squirmed like a fish out of water to get out but to no avail.
The men stopped just a few feet from the net both in confusion and for fear there might be more traps set if they tried to get any closer.

“What’s the hold up?” The man on the snow-mobile caught up and had a tone of impatience but the anger immediately vanished when he saw the boy in the net and smiled. “Well, Well. The Faunus boy fell into one of his own traps, how convenient.” He eyed one of his men. “You there, take down the net, grab the boy and let’s go.”

The subordinate did as he was told and approached the net cautiously, however the moment his gloved fingers made contact with the string that held the net together, a blur suddenly sprung from the darkness and slashed the arm of the subordinate who let out a cry of pain and collapsed to his knees while clutching his arm.

The other men backed away behind their commander who seemed shocked with the sudden assault at first but seemed to calm down when the sudden blur was revealed in moon’s silver beams.

The assailant was revealed to be a young female but built very maturely. Her long lavender hair was tied into a sideways braid draped over her left shoulder. She was dressed in a white trench coat lined with grey fur at the ends and buttoned just under her navel area while the rest blew in the wind like a cape. Covering her legs were dark purple pants that seemed to hug her muscular looking legs, and white combat boots covering her feet and a white army beret seemed to keep her head warm. She wore two black gauntlets that had an insignia of a crescent moon and 3 slash marks running diagonally across it in gold. The right Gauntlet had 3 sharp serrated blades that appeared to look like claws, while the left Gauntlet seemed to have 3 spikes just protruding from it, but it revealed another small silver claw-like blade attached to the girl’s middle finger.
“If you’re looking for game, I suggest you find it elsewhere. This Hunting ground belongs to me and my family.” The girl said calmly but sternly, getting a look of confusion from the men in response.

“I had no idea, Faunus hunted other Faunus.” The snow-mobile man said as if he made a huge discovery.

Now it was the girl’s turn to be confused. She looked behind her, expecting to have a Grimm in her net but instead found the little Faunus boy.

“A-Abel!” The girl exclaimed.

“Hi, Lenore…” Abel said while wearing a sheepish smile. “I accidently stepped into one of the traps again.”

“Obviously! And to think I thought I caught an Ursa or something with all that commotion going on, but no! I end up waiting out here all day just to wait for you to step into the traps! This is why you’re better off staying with mom staying with the pack!” The girl named Lenore ranted only to be interrupted by a strong cough and turned her attention back to the man on the snow-mobile.

“If you’re done with your little tantrum, missy, we’ll be taking that Faunus boy now. If you step aside we’ll let you leave peacefully…maybe…”

“Hmm…let me think…” Lenore said pretending to mull her decision over and after a second or two in mock contemplation she thrusted her claws upward, cutting the rope that held the net closed, and releasing Abel, who fell on his butt and groaned in pain.

“Go get Dad.” Lenore commanded. “I’ll hold them off.”

“By Yourself?!” Abel exclaimed.

“Only for a while. The quicker you move, the quicker you can get me some back-up. So get going.” Lenore said, this time with a growl in her voice, revealing unusually sharp teeth.

With a gulp, Abel quickly got up and started running. He got a yard or two away before turning around and yelling, “Dad’s gonna be mad if you die!” and with those words echoing in the winter night he ran off again.

Lenore smirked at those words. She was well aware she couldn’t afford to die, not when her father had gone through so much trouble to send her off to a very prestigious school for Hunters and Huntresses in training. If she died, her father would find some way to bring her back to life just to scold her for being so reckless.

“You’ve made a very grave mistake, young lady.” The man on the snow-mobile said with a shake of his head as the rest of his men moved forward slowly toward Lenore, now wielding hatchets, machetes, and other blunt forms of weaponry. “I suppose, we’ll just have to take you as compensation.”

Lenore threw out her left arm, causing the spikes on her left gauntlet to extend into the same claws as found on her right one. She assumed a fighting stance and let out a growl. “That’s not gonna happen.”

“Fine. Learn the hard way.” The man on the snow-mobile dismissed and backed away allowing his men more room to fight. “Take her down, boys.”
And just like that all the men charged at her and Lenore jumped into the air, the moon giving her an almost vengeful yet radiant looking glow. Her light blue eyes narrowed to slits giving her an almost wild look to them.

She came down on one of the men and took him down with a kick to the face and used momentum to perform a backflip and slash another guy’s throat mid-flip. When she landed she spun around to impale another in the abdomen then used him as a meat-shield to fend off another one attempting to strike her with his hatchet, before quickly withdrawing the claws she had lodged into her temporary human shield and quickly punched other henchman that tried to attack her, and extended her claws which shot right through his stomach. She yanked her claws out and charged at another one nearby and stabbed her claws into his back before throwing him to the side like a ragdoll. She slid to another nearby henchman and elbowed him hard in the stomach then threw her claws right into his jugular as if to throw an uppercut. She ran to another one and drop-kicked him in the stomach, she did another back flip so she’d land on her feet and impaled her claws through the henchman’s chest as he tried to get up. Another Henchman dared to charge at her and Lenore knocked him over with a roundhouse kick and stabbed her claws right into his gut before yanking them out again and charging at the final henchman and using both sets of claws to slash an “X” across his body and kick him out of her way until a pile bodies stood between Lenore and the man on the snow-mobile.

“Impressive.” Was all the man could mutter before stepping off of his vehicle and stood up revealing he was much, much taller than his henchmen and Lenore put together. He bend over and retrieved what looked like a large harpoon but also seemed to have gun muzzles attached to either side where the arrow is locked and loaded with a magazine trail of unfired bullets blowing in the wind and Instead of just one trigger another one rested just below the first one. However Lenore remained unintimidated.

“I didn’t want it to come to this, but I’m afraid you leave me with no choice. But since you displayed such fine fighting skills, I’ll give you one more chance to surrender quietly and come with me.” The man said.

“I already said that’s not going to happen, Lelantos Noone” Lenore replied firmly as if what she said was a cold, hard fact.    

The man smirked. “You know who I am? That’s impressive for a little girl living a long ways from civilization.”

“Everyone who’s not a Grimm around here knows who you are. You’re the infamous Faunus poacher. You take innocent Faunus and sell them to be slaves. My brother would’ve had the same fate if I didn’t come when I did.”

Lelantos chuckled. “I don’t see the resemblance, but that’s neither here nor there. If you’re not going to come quietly, I’ll have to take you by force.” And he aimed his harpoon-gun at Lenore, pressing the bottom trigger, releasing a hail of bullets from each muzzle.

Lenore sprung into the air to dodge the first hail but Lelantos quickly stopped shooting and re-aimed the gun at the now airborne Lenore and began to shoot again. She slashed wildly with her claws to block the shots and managed to kick the poacher in the face. She did front flip and quickly spun around as soon as she landed and charged at him in an attempt to strike from behind but Lelantos seemed to predict this because he too spun around and sent Lenore back by kicking her in the chest, sending the girl flying into a tree, causing her to yelp like a hurt dog and she crumpled into a heap.

“That was a good attempt, to try and strike me from behind but I know how Faunus’s fight. I gave you chance to come with me, I could’ve gotten you a nice job being a bodyguard, but you took my kindness and threw it back into my face.”  He aimed his harpoon-gun at Lenore and moved his finger to the top trigger. “Any last words?”

Lenore staggered back up, her legs shook a bit as she still leaned against the tree for support. As she got up her beret slid off her head revealing a pair of white wolf ears atop her head. A growl escaped her as blooded poured from the corner of her mouth and when she looked up Her eyes had even more savage look to them, like a wounded wolf that refused to back down despite the odds being against it.

Lelantos found amusement in this. “Eyeing me like a wild animal isn’t going to scare me. Though I suppose its all the more reason why I should put you down like the dog that you are.” And after those words left him. He pulled the trigger, shooting the spear towards the still crippled Lenore.

As the spear flew towards her, an unknown force in her body forced her forward and she deflected the spear with her claw sending it upward and she still charged forward. Lelantos attempted to shoot the remainder of his ammo but the wolf-girl still managed to doge the hail of bullets by slashing wildly until she finally got close enough the claws in her left gauntlet withdrew, revealing the silver claw on her middle finger she stabbed it through the side of the poacher’s neck and kicked him in the chest to push herself back, panting heavily.

The poacher wiped the little bit of blood off his neck and looked at it in a moment of confusion before giving Lenore the same look. “Just what kind of blow was that supposed to be?” He asked with laugh. “That felt like more like bee-sting than an actual hit.”

Lenore smirked. “Give it a second. Sometimes it takes a while for it to kick in.”

Lelantos immediately stopped laughing and gave Lenore a look that seemed to be a mixture of confusion and a slight fear. “Takes a while for what to kick in?”

“Do you feel numb? Are limbs starting to feel like jelly?”

“What’re you-“suddenly Lelantos collapsed face first into the snow. He tried to move his body but it wouldn’t respond. He used his remaining strength to turn his head to see Lenore standing over him. He couldn’t even feel the cold of snow sting his cheek. “What did you do to me?” he growled.

“My claws are dipped in two special poison the I concocted myself.” Lenore explained and showed Lelantos her right Gauntlet that still had its claws extended. “The type that slowly kills,” Then she showed him the claw on her middle finger. “And the type that paralyzes but isn’t lethal.”

“So what now?”

“LENORE!” Came a shout distance.

“Depends what my dad wants to do with you.” Lenore said with chuckle

A moment later a man about the same height as Lelantos came up to Lenore. He wore a black fur coat and black fur pants made from Ursa skins. A pair of black wolf ears stood pointed at the top of his head. He looked around at the carnage and then back at Lenore.

“Did you do all this?” The man in the furs asked.

“They were poachers, dad. They would have ran off with Abel if I didn’t find him.”

“To fight off 10 men on your own…I’m impressed, Lenore.” Lenore’s father said when the un-harmed body of Lelantos caught the corner of his eye.

“Why did you spare this one?”

“I thought you might want to deal with him. He’s the ring leader.”

Lenore’s dad smiled at his Daughter and patted her head affectionately. “I think you’re more than ready to go to Beacon, Lenore. I taught you well.”

“Thanks, dad…” Lenore said smiling a grim smile. The truth was she didn’t want to leave the pack. She would rather stay and hunt all day with her family, but her father had insisted she attend Beacon Academy, claiming that she would be one of the figures that would gain equality for the Faunus Race.

And who was she to go against her father’s wishes?

In the midst of this affectionate moment, the father and daughter duo were unaware of the figure watching them from afar.
Remember these works:………

Well to these Trailers, I'm the missing link! So here it is folks the final member of Team ANGL- Lenore Poe!

(This is a series based on the hit show RWBY created by Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth any mentions of Grimm or their respective monsters belongs to them.)
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MoonlightWolf22 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How didn't I see this sooner?! D:

That fight scene! AH! :D
L0RD-PRIDE Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
I waited so long for these
Herodrake Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Jeez this was good, I loved it! :D Sorry I blacked out on you guys!

Lenore is really tough! Those guys didn't stand a chance!

I was hoping to see more of that giant dude...

Hm... Lenore's family is... interesting. 
Mythica-Chris Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! It was so worth the sleep deprived hangover I felt the next morning, I'm just so glad I got it up.:D and don't worry about it, we were at that RP for a pretty long time XD

Well what more do you expect coming from a student going to attend a school like Beacon? Her dad pretty much trained her to have that kind of skill XD

Hmm, who knows? He might make a return...

you haven't even begun to meet her family ;)
Herodrake Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Hehe, yeah talk about a sleep deprived hangover, that's pretty much the best way to put it. 

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JurassicRaptor Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It was well worth the wait :dummy:!

You know, for someone you said was cruel, he doesn't seem so bad... Or does Lenore's dad get worse?

Abel doesn't seem like someone who's good at fighting... at all.

And you were worried about the fight scene. You did great :D
Mythica-Chris Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you think so :D

well since this won't spoil anything, I don't show the worse side of Lenore's father because when he first brought up that he wanted Lenore to attend to beacon but of course Lenore doesn't want to, but what she doesn't mention is that the two had a really intense fight about it and her daddy being the Alpha quickly put Lenore in her place. So she didn't want to argue with him anymore and just kept the mindset that her dad knows what's best for her. I don't know if we'll see that side of him again, but who knows...

XD he's not. Lenore even mentions that he's not exactly, Hunter-material.

you really think so? :D
JurassicRaptor Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sure we all do :D

So she's just "fuck it, he won't listen anyway"?

Doesn't really even seem to be civilian material, just that person that always gets caught in traps and kidnapped.

Yes, yes I do :D
Mythica-Chris Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Pretty much, plus Lenore's father isn't exactly the most...saintly man when things don't go his way...

he's pretty much Lenore's damsel in distress! =D
JurassicRaptor Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I could only imagine.

Except weaker.
redmaster911 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Good job. I really enjoyed this

I wonder who that person watching them was

Dem god darn poachers. Never do nothing good
Mythica-Chris Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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you'll find out if ANGL ever confront the white Fang.

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TSEstrada Featured By Owner Edited Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not that familiar with the RWBY series (only heard about about it recently) but I liked what I read here. You've described the fight scene well while managing to keep it relatively short. However for the first fight scene, try using something else other than "she" all the time.
Mythica-Chris Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
If you want to keep following our ANGL series then I think it's reccomended you watch RWBY (but you should also watch the trailers first and get a feel for the 4 main protagonists) it's a really awesome series with beautifully animated fight scenes. They plan to premiere season 2 on the 24th and the entire fandom is on pins and needles waiting for it.

im actually suprised you enjoyed the fight scenes, usually I often have trouble writing those out but I'm glad I managed to keep it short and sweet. Also thank you for your critique. I am aware i have a tendency to be redundant and I'll take this into consideration when I work on future stories :)
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